July Newsletter 2013

Pastor’s Page


“Givers and Takers”


In previewing the lectionary (appointed texts) for July a wonderful pattern popped up that shows how our Lord calls us to be both givers and takers. The only differences in the themes are the words “in” and “to”.

God, who has called us to faith, calls us to be faithful in being His voice in the world. We speak to others what He speaks to us, no more, no less.  He calls us also to be his heart in the world.  We imitate the Good Samaritan by showing the compassion that we have first received from Christ. Leviticus specifies in more detail other examples of loving our neighbor.

Christians, like Martha of Bethany, can get so preoccupied with giving that they forget to take from God what He desires to give to us. In reminding us to sit at his feet as Mary did, and to persist in prayer, Jesus would have us know the importance of being takers of His faith-sustaining Word and bountiful blessings.

So I hope to share with you this month the balance of giving and taking in our faith walk together. We certainly cannot earn God’s grace by loving our neighbor, but grace freely received freely gives. Which do you think is the most important to God, that we take or that we give?  Consider that with me in worship this month.


Pastor Tom Konz






In the month of June we received $15 from aluminum can recycling for the youth.  Thank you continuing to bring you aluminum cans to the church.  Please place them in the kitchen by the sanctuary so we can take them to the recycling place.  This action on your part helps our youth and helps the environment.


Thanks to Edna Tate, Cindy Franz, and Darleene Hufstutler the gardens around the Family Center and around the church itself have improved greatly.  It is amazing how much easier a job is with helping hands.  We continue to meet on Tuesday mornings about 8:30-9:00 and work until about 11.  All are welcome!  If you cannot work then but would like to help, talk to Mary Walter and she will give you an area that you can take care of.

Lutheran Hymn Festival:

The theme of this 9th Lutheran Hymn Festival is Christ, Mighty Savior – Light of All Creation.  Save Sunday evening September 29 at 7:00 for this inspiring event at theMortonH. MeyersonSymphonyCenterinDallas.  Mary will be making reservations soon.  In the past we have gotten the best seats – $13 each if we buy 12 or more tickets.  This is a great opportunity to be inspired by Lutheran music, to see many Lutherans in one setting, and to see this beautiful facility.



                                                                                                              July 5th:Stafford

July 12th: Sparkman

July 19th: Walter

July 26th: Simpson


8:15 a.m. Service

Usher:       Chet Cameron &Mark Gallagher

Greeter:     Joann Schulze

Altar:          Marilyn Pack

Acolyte:     7th Cooper, 14th___________, 21st Jamee, 28th Tara


10:45 a.m. Service

Usher:       Karl Easterling &Rueben Walter

Greeter:     Magan Carrasco

Altar:          Marilyn Pack

Acolyte:     7th Karlee, 14th Eric, 21st Landry, 28th Kylie

If you are at a service and the scheduled server is not present, please step up to volunteer.

Brunch Schedule

                   Snack                  Snack                  Snack                  Drink/Server

7                 Cameron              Carlson                B. Stroebel           Febinger

14                Franz                             Gallagher             Hatton                 Keilers

21                Cubbage              Kimbrough          Konz                             Mitchell

28               Tarpley                Pack                     Lovin                   Quade


If you are unable to serve on a Sunday, please find a replacement and let the office know.

Serving includes set up, clean up, and drinks.


Thank you to our June Sunday School teachers: Andrea Morris, Cheryl Konz, Cheryl Hatton, Edna Tate, Cindy Franz, Bethany Espinoza, Javier Garza, Lindsay Hatfield, and Lynann Simpson.


July 10, 26 & 27 – VBS Workday 1-5 p.m.


July 28-August 1: VBS-Tell it on the Mountain-Where Jesus Christ is Lord! Family Dinner each evening @ 5:30 pm followed by activities for children ages 3 (Potty trained) through Grade 6.  Teen helpers needed for group leaders, arts & crafts and game time.  We are looking for someone to lead our 5th-6th grade Extreme Bible Adventure.  If you are interested please let Kim Mitchell know.


Key people for VBS-contact them to share your talents and support our largest outreach of the year.

Decorating-Ola Faye Howard

Meals-Cheryl Hatton

SummitStories-Cindy Franz

Bible Challenge-Bethany Espinoza

Music Mountain-Cathy Knoll

VistaCrafts-Lee Fuller

Games-Brent Stroebel

Preschool-Lindsay Hatfield & Brett Tarpley

Fruit & Cookies are welcome every evening. Please see sign- up sheet in the narthex.

Check out the “new” signs on the storage building out back. Thank you to Missy & Sam Weber, Ola Faye Howard, Brad Cogburn & Tyler Mitchell for creating this great display!


July 1-5: National Youth Gathering in San Antonio.  Please pray for Hannah Bruce, Magan & Gaby Carrasco, Billy Cogburn, Rieken Douglas, Megan Franz, Pastor Konz, Tyler Mitchell, Emma Quade, Bamma Strohmeyer & Coby Vandenberg as they travel, serve & worship together.


National Youth Gathering:

Live streaming Dome Events: All Dome Events taking place on July 1-5 will be live streamed through www.lcmsgathering.com. Please encourage the community back home to join us by tuning in for:

  • Mass Events on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday at 8:30pm CST
  • Worship on Thursday at 10 am CST
  • Mass Event on Thursday at 7:30pm CST
  • Mass Event on Friday at 9 am CST



  • Had a GREAT turnout for the church picnic we sponsored at the home of Bill and Marlene White on June 9th.
  • Enjoyed a wonderful baby shower for Heather (Soltau) Paup on June 22nd
  • Marlene White and Whitney Lee attended the LWML Convention

Date: June 27-30, 2013


Theme: “Quenched! By the Water”

Scripture Verse: [Jesus said:] “… but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:14).

  • Provided meals with several church families and individuals due to surgeries and a new baby.


  • Officers and any other interested women will meet to plan the programs and activities for the upcoming year from September, 2013 to May, 2014.  Let Lynann Simpson know if you have some ideas to share.  The date will be set later so watch church bulletins and your email in July.

Plan to join us anytime!  All women of all ages are welcome.  You know the saying, the more the merrier!  And, as always, we move forward with the LWML motto:  “Serve the Lord with Gladness.”


On June 6, fourteen S.A.I.L. members, including Pastor Tom, met for Bible Study in Room 6 at 10:00am with refreshments from Cheryl Konz and Jeanette Quade.  We had a challenging discussion about Pentecost and how it reversed God’s judgment of the self-centered pride of man at theTower ofBabel.  Pentecost was God’s act to give His Word to all people when people of all nations could understand the disciples who had received the Holy Spirit, as Christ had promised, and could speak in foreign languages to share the Good News.  Pastor’s questions covered the purpose of the sound of a violent wind, the symbolism of fire and how the Pentecost experience differed from later manifestations of the Spirit.

Once again, the summer includes one meeting each month, so in July we will meet on the 18th.  Everyone is welcome to join us at 10:00am for our lively discussions of the Bible.  We are still pursuing the plan to include an exercise class as soon as we know which room will be available.


  • Our thanks go to Doug Hanna for the latest signs: Believe, Belong, Be Loved to be placed in theFaithFamilyCenter above the stage!
  • Our desire is to implement a method to submit prayer requests electronically and we are working on updating the website to also include the Witness Word (our monthly Sunday morning witness from the pew).
  • We welcome anyone who wants to help maintain the prayer garden. The drip irrigation is set for 2 different days so weeds should be easy to pull Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Praying that we all grow to accept witnessing as a privilege.


The Rod

The following devotion was in our church’s Portals of Prayer quarterly book last year. I felt it was worth sharing.

“Spare the rod and spoil the child.” We all know the saying. It comes out of Proverbs 13:24 and 29:15. In principle, we probably all agree with the saying. But the difficulty comes in the application of it.

Some of us experienced the rod of discipline. It stung for a while (and sometimes for a long while), but it changed our behavior. And when it was accompanied by the firm expression that though we were loved, our behavior was unacceptable, we gained wisdom.

If receiving the rod was difficult, it is equally difficult, it is equally difficult to know how and when to use the rod. It needs to be used with great care. We do not wish to “provoke our children to anger” (Ephesians 6:4). But neither do we wish for them to disgrace their mother. Our love for the children in our care may indeed call for us to use the rod. When we discipline, we express our love in that they know the consequences of sinful behavior. We wish for them to be everything that God has called them to be.

For our sinful behavior, we seek the forgiveness of our gracious and loving Lord. For those times when the rod was spared, and for those times it was inappropriately applied, we seek and find forgiveness in Christ. He endured the “rod” for all our sinful behavior.



TheFaithSchoolexpansion is just about complete.  We have a few open spots for the upcoming semester and need your help spreading the word!  Our community has known for years that we have a long waiting list here at Faith and some are discouraged to inquire because it has always been a long list.  Please help get the word out that we are enrolling and the list isn’t something to be discouraged by.  As always, thanks for the kind words and encouragement in the community about the program. We are blessed to have the reputation we do and it is solely from word of mouth!

Serving Him, Magan Carrasco



Ways to serve:


1.  Help Mary Walter work on our flower beds around the church andFamilyCentereach Tuesday at 9 AM. Give her a call to volunteer.

2.  Lawn Care:  Contact Reuben Walter or the Cogburn family (yard) or Everett Seider (Faith Field) for more information.

3.  Volunteer to help with Altar Guild…contact Rosanne Keilers.

4.  Drivers Wanted: To take a turn drivingCary Strohmeyer to his doctor’s appointments, please call him at 254-396-5018 (cell) or 254-968-2560 (home).

5.  Always…pray for our staff:  Pastor Konz, Mary Walters and Cindy Stafford (organists), Kim Mitchell (youth and education), Magan Carrasco and Faith School teachers and care givers, Shirley Febinger and Moises Espinoza (custodians), Nichole Monroe (church and school administrative assistant).


CONGRATULATIONS: to Ricky and Sarah Osterloh on their beautiful baby boy Zane Everett Osterloh. He was born on June 19, 2013 at 9:22 a.m. he was 9 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches long.


CONGRATULATIONS: to Ty and Sarah Weaver on their beautiful baby boy, Connor Jaxon Weaver. He was born on June 26, 2013 at 11:53 a.m. he was 10 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long.

“Staying in Conflict”

“If your brother sins against you go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone.

If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.  Matthew 18:15

During my pre-seminary career I had an employee who was a well trained professional in his field. For a time he carried out his responsibilities admirably, until some conflict arose among our clients and staff. It revealed a shortcoming that was also born out on his resume: he was not good at working through conflict and sticking to a job for very long. As was his usual practice, though, he didn’t just quit. To show himself in a good light he carefully built his case for leaving, by painting our organization as unreasonable to work for, saying that his situation was “impossible”. So with the self-righteous indignation that he was able to muster (made easier because he was also an ordained minister), he painted himself as the victim and quit. My supervisor later told me that this was a pattern of his in previous employments. What was sad is that he didn’t reap the blessings of forgiveness and patience. He didn’t grow in the gift of humility and kindness or learn the art of give and take.

He is not alone. We all would naturally want to escape the unpleasant work of reconciling conflict, forgiving others, and taking ownership of our own sins of pride and impatience. While we can avoid conflict that way, we also avoid growth. If we leave, we take our problem with us, because the problem is within us. Sometimes conflicts have no resolution and the severing of a relationship may be better than continuing a bitter one. That’s not a good outcome, just the better of two bad outcomes. But where every effort, no matter how unpleasant, can be made to reconcile relationships in jobs, marriages, churches, and committees, we have the potential of a reconciled and joyful connection.

That’s what Jesus did for us. He came to us, lived among us, taught us how to resolve our conflicts (Matthew 18, and then reconciled us to God through the cross. He doesn’t run from our disappointing behavior or give up on us, but prays for us, forgives us, and strengthens us with his Word and Sacrament. He gives us his Holy Spirit to bring us to confession so that we can admit our own part in the conflicts we have with God and others. His grace remains to cover us. By staying with us, He wins us over as His brother and sister. May we do likewise with each other!


Pastor Tom Konz


What We Don’t Know

“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?

Tell me, if you have understanding.  Job 38:4

One of the things I wonder when I see a young group of men and women graduate from high school or college is, “Do they have any idea how much they don’t know?”  It’s natural to think that when you have finished an intense course of study that you feel pretty smart and educated.  It’s when we meet life’s confusing surprises that we discover there’s much we don’t know.

And it’s not just about book learning. When life is going smoothly we feel like we have a handle on things. We think we know just how things are supposed to work. God, in our mind, is predictable, comprehensible, and always doing good in our life–until life takes a sudden left turn. Death, disease, disaster, loss of income, friendship, and the loss we mourn the most, certainty. Even God we are not so sure about.

That’s when we need to remember that it is a good thing that we cannot comprehend Him.  In Isaiah He assured us that His thoughts and ways are as high above ours as the heavens are above the earth. That means that when life seems like it’s coming apart at the seams, He is there stitching it back for us in another pattern.  We always want plan A. When he takes that from us, He gives us His plan B. He is high enough above us to be in charge effectively.

Like Job, who suffered tremendously for no reason that he could understand, we too can be challenged with changes that we didn’t see coming. When that happens we might hear God’s words above, which at first glance, seem like a rebuke of Job.  “Where you were you, when I laid the foundation of the world?” God is reminding Job that he need not worry about the purpose, duration, or outcome of his suffering. The one who created all things in heaven and earth and still sustains them is still in charge. Job had no answer because he had no understanding. And that’s where we often find ourselves.

When it finally occurs to us that there is much we don’t know, it’s reassuring that there is nothing unknown to God.  Nor is there any lack of love on His part to see us through our time of need.  Or as Paul wrote in Romans 8:28 &  32   “We know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” “He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?”  Sometimes that’s all we need to know.

Pastor Tom


June 2013 Newsletter

Pastor’s Page

“Our Father”

       Have you ever wondered why Jesus didn’t teach us to pray, “Our Lord,” or “Our Creator”, or “Our Master and Judge”, when giving us the Lord’s Prayer?  As he taught us we pray, “Our Father”.  That’s wonderful! Luther interprets Jesus’ heart here, which is the Father’s heart, by saying that God wants us to come to him as “dear children come to their dear father”.   And so we do.

I think that speaks volumes to us of what God considers His most important relationship to us. It means first that He loves us; secondly, that He intends to provide for us; thirdly, that we are His children, a role that doesn’t get changed based on our behavior.  He gave us that role in baptism, and put His seal of kinship upon us.  He will not disown us.

He will, however, as Hebrews 12 attests, discipline us for our good, as a loving father disciplines his children.  The very discipline itself shows that we are His children. It means that He cares enough for us not to forsake the principles that bring His blessings into our life.  Like a truly loving father, He desires our success and happiness.  If it takes discipline to assure that, He will dispense it one way or another.  It may be circumstances that He allows or the nagging and prodding of the Holy Spirit that will not be silent until we repent.  Either way, it’s His love that moves Him to do so.

Like a father who sacrifices his own pleasure for the love of the family, so our Father sacrificed himself. We got a glimpse of the emotional pain it would cause Him when Abraham went to sacrifice his son Isaac.  God provided a substitute sacrifice, but we got the point.  He would provide the one final sacrifice for all sin, and it would not be easy for Him.

No wonder we pray, “Our Father”.  It can also remind us earthly fathers that we are to display these qualities in our relationship to our own children.  We are to be loving, providing, and loyal to the relationship, even so much as to do the hard tasks of discipline and sacrifices for their well-being.

This will be the first Father’s Day in many years that I will spend time with my own children.  It will be a good reminder of what my first and foremost calling in life is, after being a husband.  Before I was a pastor, I was a father.  It will be good to be reminded again what a godly vocation that is.  May all our fathers so remember!

In Christ, our Lord and Savior,   Pastor Tom Konz


Faith Lutheran Church will be holding a Blood Drive on Sunday, June 23, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. Carter Blood Drive will be bringing their Donor Coach (bus) to park in the main parking lot in front of  the church. Nichole has a sign up sheet in the church office for anyone to sign up at a certain time that day. We have 24 signup slots for people to donate during the 9:00- 1:00 time period. If you have any questions about the drive, please talk to Nichole in the church office.

Sunday Worship Themes in June

June 2                            “Worthy By Faith”                      Luke 7:1-10

          June 9                  “The Living Word Gives Life”           1 Kings 17:17-24

                           June 16                  “Living the Forgiven Life”                Galatians 2:15-21;  3:10-

June 23                “Room Inside for Those Outside”           All texts

             June 30                          “Called to Freedom”              Galatians 5:1, 13-25



June 7th : Quade

June 14th: Pack

June 21st:: Simpson

June 28th: Mitchell


8:15 a.m. Service

Usher:       Dorwin & Joanne Schulze

Greeter:     David Beyer & Charles Fulton

Altar:          Rosanne Keilers

Acolyte:     2nd Jamee, 9th Hanna, 16th Alex,  23rd Coby, 30th Karsyn

10:45 a.m. Service

Usher:       Cindy Franz

Greeter:     Franklin Wood &Bill White

Altar:          Rosanne Keilers

Acolyte:     2nd Karlee, 9th Kylie 16th Ethan,  23 rd Rett, 30th Landry

If you are at a service and the scheduled server is not present, please step up to volunteer.

Brunch Schedule

                   Snack                  Snack                  Snack         Drink Server/Cleanup

2                 Carrasco              Mitchell               Pack                              Hanna

9                 Lovin                   Quade                  Simpson                        Small

16                Nelson                 Seider                   Strohmeyer              Sparkman

23               Nehring               Tate                     VanWright                    Weber

30               Fifth Sunday


If you are unable to serve on a Sunday, please find a replacement and let the office know.

Serving includes set up, clean up, and drinks.


 GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN – VBS July 28 – August 1, 2013 5:30-8 p.m. Our biggest event of the summer! Be watching each Bulletin in June to see how you can spread the Good News of Grace to children in our community. If you would like to donate toward this ministry you may do so through the offering plate. Please mark your funds for Christian Education/VBS.


A short adult Bible study will be available each evening during VBS. You too can meet our Lord in 5 Mountaintop experiences and learn how to better share the Love of Christ with the world!


Summer Sunday School for Youth!

June 2nd we begin Summer Sunday school – all about Serving with JOY! Our classes will be Pre-K and K, Grades 1-4 and Grades 5-12. We NEED adults to take ONE Sunday this summer to teach our young people. Please let Kim Mitchell if you can help out. All materials will be ready for you!


Join us for 13 weeks of summer fellowship, fun & faith building!

Grades Pre K thru 4 will explore SERVING WITH JOY: discovering the joy that Bible characters found in serving God & others.

Grades 5-12 will be Traveling with Lurher’s Top 10! We will be out & about on our new van discovering the Top 10 Reasons to be a Lutheran.

Summer Sunday school leaders are  still  needed for ONE week of service. Please contact Kim Mitchell if you would like to serve in this ministry.



Who: Students  in grades 7-12 – invite your friends

Where:FaithFamily Center and all about the Ville

What: Bible study,  service projects, lots of fun BUT no solid food.  We will become aware of what others in our world face every day.

When: Friday, June 7th 5 p.m. through Saturday, June 8th – midnight

Cost: $20

Camp Shiloh is June 15th – 21st

Magan Carrascowill accompany 13 of our youth to this event. If you would like to send our campers or sponsor mail you may do so here:

Camper’s Name

Shiloh Lutheran Camp

3335 FM  21

Pittsburg, TX 75686

Campers are: Aidan Espinoza, Alex & Kathryn Cameron, Jamee Nelson, Gaby, Eric & Daniel Carrasco, Karl & Kerstin Fredrickson, Seth & Kylie Curtoys, Emma Quade & Cooper Vandenberg.

The National Youth Gathering is in San Antonio, Texas this year!

10 high school aged youth will attend with Pastor Konz and Magan Carrasco. Because or Pastor attends these events with our youth we are honored to have a Communion Team serving on the final day of this event. Please pray for the following young people: Billy Cogburn, Gray & Coby Vandenberg, Rieken Douglas, Tyler Mitchell, Gaby Carrasco, Megan Franz, Bamma Strohmeyer, Hannah Bruce & Emma Quade.

We are always in need of people who would like to share their Faith story, a quick cooking activity or craft with our young people. If this is you – PLEASE let Kim Mitchell know. Young people love getting to know a variety of adult members in their congregation. Take it from me; the blessings  will be all yours!



As always, this group of women is “Serving the Lord with  Gladness”, which happens to be the motto of LWML a.k.a Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.   We are thankful for all the members of Faith who join in to help us and/or to attend the activities.

In May we…

  • Provided a special baby basket and a big sister gift for Sarah and Rick Osterloh,Willow, and their new baby boy coming in June.
  •  We had a wonderful time at the baby shower on the 19th for  Sarah and Ty Weaver and their new baby boy, Connor Jaxon, who is also due the end of June.
  • We purchased a 42” TV and BlueRay player for Room 6.  Gifford’s installed it on the wall.  It is a permanent fixture to be used by the church for classes.
  • Ola Faye again did a wondrous job decorating for confirmation and graduation plus all the boutonnieres and corsages.
  • It was a joy to participate in providing a special time for our confirmation students and our high school graduates.
  • Installed new red paraments for the altar area in memory of Nelda Eggen.  Their first use was Pentecost/ Confirmation Sunday, May 19th.


THE WHOLE CHURCH (all ages) IS INVITED TO THE ANNUAL CHURCH PICNIC AT THE HOME OF BILL AND MARLENE WHITE ON SUNDAY, JUNE 9TH @ 4:00 PM!   Meat and drinks are provided.  Bring a side dish or dessert to share.  Bring your swimsuit if you’d like to swim also bring a lawn chair to sit on. Bring any games you like to play.  It is always a wonderful time of fellowship and a chance to get to know others a little better.  Please plan to come!

And…another baby shower on Saturday, June 22nd 2:00-3:30 for Heather (Soltau) Paup.  A baby boy is expected in August.  She is registered at Buy Buy Baby and Target. J

God bless us all, love, your LWML friends J


      Nine members with Pastor Tom met on May 2 in Room 6 for monthly Bible study.  From Luther’s Small Catechism on Prayer, we covered each partition in the Lord’s Prayer, studying appropriate Bible verses with group discussion.  A good review of Luther’s explanation  helped in the preparation for Faith’s participation in the National Day of Prayer in the afternoon.  Members also discussed final preparations for the meal for the Confirmation Banquet.

     Members met at 5:00pm on May 17 to complete cooking and prepare the plates of food for approximately 43 people—confirmands, family and friends in a beautifully decorated Narthex.  Ryan Mitchell and friend Chloe were servers.

     Jeanette Quade continues to organize and update the  children’s activity bags in the sanctuary.  Thank you, Jeanette!  Darlene Hufstutler and Cheryl Konz worked up a presentation for the Voters’ Meeting on May 5 concerning a walking path around our property.  After much discussion, the voters gave approval to Darlene and Cheryl for formation of a committee to look into grants that might be available to fund the project.

    On May 16, S.A.I.L. met at 9:00 in the church parking lot for an exciting day trip to Clark Gardens Botanical Park.  Thirteen people loaded on the church van and praised Lyder Quade for his driving skills.  After enjoying the beautiful, varied gardens, we had great lunches at Jimmy’s Café and returned to Stephenville at 3:00pm.

    In the summer, S.A.I.L. will only meet one Thursday each month for Bible study.  Our next meeting will be June 6.


We are getting a sign made for above the stage in the family center.  The sign will read – Believe. Belong. Be Loved.  We are also looking into getting a Bible verse applied on the wall above the entrance into the family center (hallway just before it opens up to the gym floor). We appreciate ideas!

As we share on Sunday our “Witness Word”, you may be reminded of times that you shared with someone. Please let us know about those times. We may use your “Witness Word” too.

ThePrayerGardenhas received some attention (weeding/cleaning) since the construction around it is complete. Thank you to those who helped!

“REAL love is ours and  ours to share” Lutheran Witness, May, 2013


JULY FOURTH PARADE: July 4th is just around the corner!!! As always Faith School will be in the annual Stephenville 4th of July parade. Every year we pass out candy and little toys to the kids and families that are at the parade. If you would like to donate candy, toys or any other trinkets they will be greatly appreciated. If you own a business and you have items with your business information on them we will gladly pass them out also. We will be putting a sticker on all of the items advertisingFaithLutheranChurch’sVacationBibleSchool. We will start accepting candy and other items as of now, you may bring the items to the church or school office. If you have any questions please contactMagan Carrasco or Nichole Monroe (church office). Thank you in advance!!!




CHURCH WORK DAY:  There will be a church work day on Saturday, June 15th. Please bring your own tools. If you have any questions please get in contact with Bob Small at 413-336-6515.


A MATTER OF BALANCE: A Matter of Balance is a program emphasizing practical strategies to improve balance, flexibility and strength in anyone who has concerns about falling or has restrictions in activities due to fall  risks.

It is a four week course meeting twice a week. All study materials are provided by the Texas Dept. of Aging. There is no charge for this course. Instructor Tamara Dugger who as taught this class at the Senior Center this past year and will be teaching it again in July at the Senior Center.  She has volunteered to teach the course for our congregation members here at our church. Times and Schedule will be announced at a later date.

For more information or interested in signing up for the class contact Lynann Simpson or Darlene Hufstutler.


CONGRATULATIONS: Bamma Strohmeyer is the new Stephenville Lions’ Club Sweetheart.



Alex Cameron, Eric Carrasco, Rett Douglas, Tara Garza & Ethan Nehring

2013 High School Graduates


Sarah Franz, Justin Pack & Jared Stroebel- Stephenville High School

Eric Curtoys-Dublin High  School

Bethany Quade-Crowley High School

June Birthdays

Mildred Coker              6/2                                    Sam Lopez                      6/16

Billy Cogburn                     6/4                                   Judy Schermerhorn         6/18

Cathy Knoll                   6/5                                    Robert Fimbel                 6/20

Kristin Johnson            6/6                                    Kylie Curtoys                   6/21

Barbra Van Matre         6/10                                  Andrea Morris                 6/21

FranklinWood             6/10                                   John Linne                       6/24

Coby Vandenberg        6/11                                Vickie Sparkman              6/25

Lane Morris                  6/13                                 Jody Henneke                   6/28