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LWML Updates

Last November we held our annual fundraiser at the Stephenville Arts and Crafts Fair.  At Faith on November 20th, we held our annual “Advent by Candlelight” evening with about 85 ladies in attendance plus about 10 men who helped serve the desserts and quiche.  An amazing music and video program followed that really got us ready for Advent.  All tables were decorated beautifully, and it has become one even each year where we have many more women attend than are actually members of LWML.

Our LWML at Faith decided to get the New Year started with a party! Fifteen adults and 3 young people attended the LWML Epiphany Party at Faith Lutheran in Stephenville on January 8 for lunch and a meeting led by our Christian Growth Chairman Marlene White.  The “LIGHT” theme included a devotion about the Bethlehem star with the Wise Men and led into a skit about our Gospel Light. Just as the Wise Men presented gifts to Baby Jesus, we learned more about our local Choices Clinic and gathered baby items to present to the clinic.

Each lady received a red envelope which included the invitation to our Trinity Zone Retreat in February. All ladies of our school staff and church need to return the registration info to Cheryl Konz by Feb. 1st.  Our LWML society has decided to pay the early registration fee for all ladies of our Faith School staff and church ladies who wish to attend.

We helped provide food for the Dublin Women’s Job Corp in January.  We are also planning to sponsor a church and school collection of Baby Care Kits for LWR.  In addition, we had a MITE collection in both services on January 15.

On April 1st we will hold and sponsor the annual church garage sale.  Our youth help with set up, work, and clean up in exchange for a generous donation for their youth trips. All funds raised are disbursed for local missions, church ministries, and whatever the Lord places in our hearts.

Blessings to all, Lynann Simpson, President


Advent by Candlelight tables and video



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