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Going Green: We are in the “green” season of the church year. The altar is adorned in green; the pulpit drapes are green; Pastor’s stole is green. Why? Not because that’s the favorite color of the altar guild, but because the colors used in worship are tied to the season of the church year.  Just as “O Little Town of Bethlehem” reminds us of the Christmas season and the color black reminds us of Ash Wednesday or Good Friday, songs and colors are intentionally employed to illuminate what God is doing in our lives.  What does green remind you of?

Green is for the “time of the church” or the season of the “green meadow.” It’s a time for growth – both personal growth and congregational growth. It’s a time to grow and mature in our faith.  Fittingly, it’s the longest season of the church year: it requires disciples of Jesus a lot of time and energy to grow and mature.  This is intentional time for you to worship God, build your faith, and rely on His Means of Grace – provided for you every Sunday in the Word and Communion. How’s God at work in your life? How can we pray for you?

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